Inspirational Project

Inspirational Project

Posted by GCortez on Oct 31st 2018

Last year I was contacted by a school who wanted each graduating senior to give their mother a cross on the day of graduation. They wanted a varied assortment of crosses, but all about the same size.& … read more

Great Gifts For All Occasions

Posted by GCortez on Oct 9th 2018

I have traveled all over Mexico from the major cities to the little "rancherias" and have always been fascinated by their artistic ability from blown glass to pottery to woven textiles, beading, toole … read more
Summer and Nice Weather

Summer and Nice Weather

Posted by GCortez on Jun 14th 2018

It being summer and nice weather, it is time to be outdoors with family and friends.  With that thought, yummy barbeque and roasted corn come to mind. While you are sitting out on your deck or pa … read more

New Year 2018

Jan 25th 2018

Best wishes to each of you for a wonderful New Year.  We have identified and corrected some issues on our website and hope you will visit us soon.  We have also received some new merchandise … read more

Gifts for all occasions!

Nov 21st 2017

We have many great gifts for any holiday, birthday, graduation, baptism or other occasion.  The majority of our products are made in Mexico by reputable artisans personally known to us or by … read more